Interior Design

An important part of the services we offer is Interior Design. This is not just about making sure that your project has visual appeal, although that of course is important, it's about making sure that everything works for everyone in terms of colouration and design.

In many cases we will prepare a number of designs. This may be to give a options for an individual area, or to give choice when furnishing schemes with multiple flats or bedrooms, to create individuality.

The specification of materials that make up a design is important not just in respect of textures, colours and patterns, but also to make sure that the correct type of material has been specified that will meet other needs, such as cost and durability.

We will prepare "mood boards" that will have a collection of samples that make up the complete design, which in conjunction with the product images and space planning will help to give a good perception of how the finished project will look. This is especially useful when presentations are being made to other colleagues or existing residents


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    Interior Design Board
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