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What is ipm able to offer to my organisation?
independent project management specialise in providing a complete furnishing solution for all providers of supported housing. We have over 20 years experience in this field and have the knowledge and expertise to furnish or refurnish your scheme in a simple, cost effective, well managed way.

OK, I have a project and I'm not sure if it is the sort of thing you work on?
We work on all kinds of projects, large and small, new build and refurbishment. Please just call us so we can have a brief discussion about your scheme.

We only have a small budget to work with, can you still do anything for us?
In supported housing budgets are nearly always tight. We are used to working with this which is why it is even more important that the very best is made of the funding available. As experts in out industry we have the knowledge and experience to make sure nothing is wasted. Our Clients are generally looking to achieve:
  1. A warm homely atmosphere.
  2. Design that is inclusive for all users
  3. Furnishings that are durable and will stand the test of time.
  4. Furnishing that is as cost effective as possible.

How do I go about getting a specific proposal?
We will put together a proposal specific to your project. This normally follows the following path:
  1. We have an initial discussion - This is to establish what you are looking to achieve.
  2. We visit the site - We need to gather as much information about the project and the client group. If it is new build we will ask for a set of the relevant plans.
  3. We will put together a comprehensive furnishing proposal - this will include space planning, furniture suggestions, interior design ideas and detailed costings.
  4. We will present our ideas to you - This can be to just you, or a group of colleagues.

Is there any cost for getting a proposal from you?
No there are no charges or fees for the initial furnishing proposal. This is all carried out on a speculative basis and there is no obligation to go forward with us by using this service.

How does the delivery and installation work?
Once you place your order with us we will agree the delivery an installation schedule. Everything that makes up your order will be delivered into our warehouse and on the agreed dates it will be delivered to site by our team. Delivery is normally about 6 weeks from placing and order, but this can be arranged to fit in with the completion of construction work as required.

Do you only work in a specific parts of the country?
We are happy to go anywhere in England and Wales. The logistics of going further tend to make us uncompetitive. Most of our work has traditionally been in these areas.

Can you supply anything as part of the FF&E fit out?
There are one or two things that we are sometimes asked to undertake that are best handled by specialists in that field, but even in these cases we can provide the link between them and yourselves making sure that everything will work and integrate as it should. In most cases we can provide everything that is needed and fully install it as well.

What are the benefits of using ipm?
The main reasons is to make sure the furnishing is well designed, inclusive to people who may be affected by things like dementia and to the correct specification for the type of project. You will also ensure that by using ipm to furnish your project the work will be carried out in a professional, well managed way. You will save time and have a single point of contact while the work is carried out.
Many of our clients come back to us time and time again as they realise all of these benefits.

Why not call us today to discuss your project?