Elderly Care

This is one of our most prolific areas and falls into three main categories of operation. These all need to consider the implications of dementia in there design.

  • Sheltered Housing
  • Extra Care
  • Reablement or Bed Blocking

Sheltered Housing

We have completed the refurbishment of over 100 sheltered housing communal rooms and the design of each one has been different. With an existing scheme we will carry out extensive research to find out the various activities that happen so that the new design can reflect these needs. We will story board design ideas and colour schemes for approval. The criteria for communal rooms will vary, but generally the brief is to provide a warm, homely atmosphere that does not appear institutionalised and provides a warm comfortable environment that can become the centre of social activity. Bright fluorescent lights and armchairs around the edge of the room are to be avoided at all cost!

Extra Care

Many of the principals of sheltered housing can be taken through to Extra Care, although closer attention may be needed to the furniture and furnishings to cope with specific needs where incidence of incontinence and other issues may be more prevalent.


These are generally small groups of accommodation are set up as a half-way house between hospital and peoples own homes where they can live independently, but have the benefit of 24 hour care and support. We have furnished a number of these schemes where we have also supplied complete kitchen packs, linen and electrical appliance. These can all be fitted as part of the installation process.